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May 30, 2019

In this episode, Rachel shares her reflections on how it feels to follow the rules and still not get what you want, including lessons from Tony Robbins and Willy Wonka. The takeaway? Be open to something better.

00:55 - What pisses Rachel off as a “rule-follower”

1:24 - Tony Robbins’ belief about rules

2:00 - Rachel reflects on a recent group coaching call

3:29 - Setting a boundary when something doesn’t feel good

5:00 - How to change your state

5:41 - When you follow all the rules and still don’t get what you want

6:01 - Lessons from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

7:41 - Finding gratitude even when you don’t receive what you want

8:06 - “We have all the answers inside us, we just need the tools or the people that can help us access them.”

9:05 - Be open to something better.



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