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Jun 6, 2019

In this episode of The Transformation Maven podcast, Rachel Burch is talking about sex (and connection!) She shares her belief that having connected experiences with your partner can lead to a stronger marriage...and the end of road rage. She also talks about the epidemic of loneliness and how we all need to make the decision to connect with our friends and loved ones. In a nutshell: say hello to strangers and have more sex.


00:55 - Why Rachel’s client’s husbands LOVE her

01:41 - The Sacral Chakra - responsible for movement, flow, pleasure, and abundance

02:16 - Passage from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Step 10 in the Process to Riches

04:23 - People aren’t having enough sex and it’s showing up in other areas of their life

04:47 - Sex is the ultimate life hack

05:10 - The sad responses Rachel is getting when talking to people in her age group about sex

06:20 - An amazing, connected experience with your partner will raise your vibration!

07:00 - Sex to stop road rage?

07:51 - Rachel phones a friend to try to wrap her head around open marriages

08:30 - An uncomfortable interaction while dog walking

10:26 - Have we lost common courtesy?

10:45 - Children’s prayers show that there’s a lot going on behind-the-scenes

12:18 - A shocking moment reveals that we’re not taking enough time to slow down

14:13 - Disconnection doesn’t happen on purpose, we have to make the decision to bring back the connection

15:20 - Rachel’s love language

15:48 - “How are you?” is just another way to say “hello.”

16:25 - Take the time to check in with your friends

17:00 - “Say hello to strangers and have more sex.”

17:30 - Loneliness is an epidemic.


Resources (contains affiliate links):

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill