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Aug 1, 2019

In this episode of The Transformation Maven Podcast, Rachel Burch is talking all about manifestation. Learn how to change your mood when you wake up grumpy, the magic that happens when you stop working and start receiving, and why you might still feel sad even after you manifest everything you thought you wanted.

01:26 - Manifestation is powerful….but what if we reach our goals and we’re still not happy?

01:46 - Rachel has been sharing IG stories about manifesting things out of nowhere

02:37 - “When you are in a state of feeling good, you will attract other things that make you feel good.”

03:10 - Ways to change our mood when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

04:48 - Using divine guidance for manifestation

05:27 - Pro tip: have a hobby that makes you feel good! 

06:40 - Rachel tells the story of how she chose to sign up for drum lessons.

08:15 - How to discover your new hobby!

09:30 - Rachel’s coach challenges her to have the biggest income month ever in her coaching business

11:07 - Rachel seeks divine guidance and is told to go on a walk.

11:56 - Something amazing happens when Rachel stops the “work” and opens herself up to receiving.

13:14 - For photos of this next story, check out Rachel’s IG Story Highlights

14:09 - Rachel is “high-fiving” herself after a great client call and notices a text.... 

15:01 - An invitation to audition for a sitcom role!

17:05 - The WORST things that can happen when you utilize the Law of Attraction

18:11 - “Now what?”

18:26 - Rachel was in tears the morning she went to film her sitcom role.

20:09 - The problem with not doing the self development work to heal childhood wounds.

22:26 - We only have ourselves at the end of the day.

24:54 - The Trifecta of Manifestation

25:42 - Things are waiting to come to you out of nowhere!