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Sep 9, 2019

Rachel Burch was able to manifest her dream car, from vision board to garage, in just 9 days...but not without overcoming some fears and obstacles first. In this episode of The Transformation Maven Podcast, Rachel is sharing how she made it happen, starting with the first step: giving herself permission to have the thing she wants, right now.


01:00 - Rachel talks about how challenging it was to record this episode

01:35 - The vintage Bronco that Rachel has wanted since high school.

01:54 - “As we give ourselves permission to have the things we want to have, do the things we want to do, be the person we want to be now, before we achieve every single goal we’ve ever set out for ourselves, we’re going to have a lot of shit come up.”

02:45 - What is something you really want?

04:10 - Manifesting starts with taking the first step: giving yourself full permission to have it right now.

05:04 - Rachel realizes that she needs to set a goal, and this one thing pops out to her from her vision board…

07:00 - Don’t make a decision when you’re in a low vibe place.

07:52 - “I deserve to feel good.”

09:21 - Why you shouldn’t wait to get the things you want.

10:00 - An obstacle to manifestation: other people’s negative talk.

11:43 - When 2 people in Rachel’s life showed their love and support in different ways.

13:34 - Start thinking about the different ways to get what you want, and a viable option will present itself.

14:50 - “Once you start this process, magic can happen.”

17:22 - Why you should read Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass at Making Money.

19:56 - Rachel says yes! But then another hurdle appears….

21:34 - The car or the $3000?

23:20 - “When you make these things happen, you are a changed person.”