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Sep 26, 2019

In last week’s episode, you heard Rachel’s stand up comedy set from the Funniest Housewives Competition Finals. This week Rachel is sharing her process as she was preparing for this competition, including the fears and excuses that came up along the way. She challenges you to notice if there are any fears that are coming up as you work towards your goals!


01:30 - 10 years ago, Rachel attended an event where everyone shared what they would do if they had no fear.

02:19 - Rachel’s answer? Travel around the world and perform stand up comedy.

03:02 - Rachel signed up for a 6-week comedy class called Students of Stand Up

03:49 - After her first performance, Rachel was officially in love with stand up!

04:23 - Changing your state through comedy.

05:34 - Rachel realizes she’s created a story about her comedy - that it’s only for a certain kind of person.

06:47 - Rachel sees that there’s a competition called “The Funniest Housewives”, but doesn’t even think about entering. She even thinks that maybe her sister should do it!

08:17 - Rachel’s comedy teacher suggests that she give it a try!

09:23 - After putting the competition on her to-do list, but delaying signing up, Rachel feels a sense of accomplishment when she completes the application.

09:30 - “Maybe I don’t want that…” “Maybe I don’t have time for that…”

10:50 - How often do we deny ourselves from celebrating our achievements?

11:20 - Rachel is accepted into the preliminary competition, and then moves on to the next round!

12:36 - Visualization: Rachel pictures herself moving on to the finals, she set an alarm on her phone congratulating herself for moving on to the finals, and she wakes up and says to herself “I’m so happy and grateful that I moved on to the finals.”

13:23 - Rachel ups her game…

14:14 - Taking suggestions from Mike Dooley’s Leveraging the Universe.

15:07 - On the day of the competition, Rachel has a Babe Ruth moment.

16:07 - “This or something better.”

16:42 - Rachel places 3rd, but has 2 important people come up to her. 

17:50 - “We’ve got to stop making failure mean something about us that it doesn’t mean.”

19:08 - A Facebook message…

20:40 - Commit to saying yes when it feels uncomfortable and you know it’s good for you.