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Oct 18, 2019

In this episode of The Transformation Maven Podcast, Rachel shares her experiences on Bumble, including her first date in 20 years (while in the South of France), how she overcomes the fear of rejection, and about how trusting the process has kept her from dating Mr. Terrible, Horrible, No Good, and Very Bad. 

01:22 - Life Lesson #1: You can’t win if you don’t play the game.

01:44 - Rachel’s first date in 20 years.

02:08 - In the South of France, with the support of friends, wine, and sunshine, Rachel downloads the Bumble app. 

02:51 - “Oops.”

03:57 - The Rules of Bumble

05:14 - The many reasons that Rachel was scared to go on a date.

06:05 - Rachel accepts an invitation for drinks.

08:06 - The date ends abruptly, but then…

09:08 - Life Lesson #2: We don’t audition for them, they audition for us.

09:58 - Rachel goes on another date, this time with an attorney in Miami. 

10:35 - Rachel’s date is shocked to find out that she is also an attorney.

11:04 - Life Lesson #3 - Trust the process.

12:10 - The Will Smith quote that’s become Rachel’s dating motto.

13:20 - After Rachel asks God for a sign, she gets a huge surprise

15:03 - A special form of rejection that happens on Bumble.

17:10 - “When we’re feeling crappy about something, gratitude is always the antidote.”

17:46 - The Hater Fantasy

18:32 - Laughing at lazy swipers with Milo Ventimiglia and Ellen Degeneres.

19: 30 - Rachel decides to take a sabbatical from dating....until January 1, 2020.