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Oct 31, 2019

In this age of social media, it can seem like everyone is calm and put together, but the truth is, we’re all paddling like crazy underneath. Being happy takes work and today’s guest, comedian and actor Karen Forman, is someone who is doing that work. In this episode of The Transformation Maven Podcast, she’s chatting with Rachel about a project called “40 First Dates” and the growth that resulted from it, how developing a cocky LA new-age character helped her develop confidence onstage, and how her new series “I'm Triggered” went viral and was praised by Brené Brown. You can follow Karen on her Instagram account, where she does a parody of an influencer and her website


02:39 - Karen introduces herself - she’s a stand-up comic, writer, actor, and an improvisor.

03:01 - Rachel and Karen chat about the Funniest Housewives Competition.

05:28 - Karen’s web series “Triggered” takes a life of it’s own and gets promoted by Brené Brown and Dr. Dan Siegel. 

06:29 - After doing stand-up for many years, Karen decides that she wants to become a character on stage. 

08:00 - Pause the podcast and watch the web series here!

09:26 - What happens when you stop trying to make things go viral?

10:30 - Karen talks about her project “40 First Dates.”

11:44 - The impact of EMDR on Karen and how it affected her dating life.

13:53 - How our relationships can reflect our growth.

14:47 - Do you have to love yourself before someone else can love you?

17:30 - How stand-up saved Karen’s life.

18:53 - Karen talks about the many things she enjoys.

20:39 - The Lightning Round.