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Dec 5, 2019

Rachel Reva is a marketing and PR expert and a new mom living in Australia. Originally from a small town in Georgia, Rachel moved to Australia in 1999 with her mom and sisters after her mother met a man on the internet. In this episode, we talk about the journey of motherhood and how there are many ways to be a good mom. Stay tuned for the end of the episode where we share some marketing and social media tips, including how to be of service and what to post when you’re going through a hard time.


02:56 - Rachel shares her career journey, including the 12 years she spent in the PR industry.

03:38 - Rachel talks about losing her father when she was young, and the journey that it took her family on. 

07:01 - Taking the fear out of big life decisions

09:46 - Rachel asks herself some important questions before deciding on her next step.

10:08 - A financial goal helps Rachel find clarity.

12:18 - Rachel lands a job at the BBC.

14:06 - “Don’t share your most intimate stuff with people that haven’t earned it.”

15:03 - Pairing intuition with strategy.

15:27 - One date changes everything in Rachel’s life.

16:44 - “When you make a decision in the state of certainty, it’s never the wrong decision.”

18:04 - How Rachel’s background in crisis management is serving her as a new mom.

20:46 - It doesn’t get better, it gets different.

26:54 - “There’s a time for grieving, there’s a time for release, there’s a time for all of it. But you get to choose which ground you stand on.”

27:08 - Rachel shares the way she finds support in difficult situations.

30:11 - A discussion of the many ways to be a good mom

35:00 - Lightning Round

40:52 - “Look up, say yes, and go.”

46:55 - Sharing from the place of giving on social media.