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Mar 20, 2020

In the first episode of season 3 of the Transformation Maven podcast, Rachel Burch is talking all about desires and manifestation. Sometimes in the middle of the process of manifestation, we change our mind about what it is that we want, and guess what? That’s okay! Listen in to hear  Rachel’s takeaways from the “End of Effort” meditation retreat with Kyle Cease and why she encourages you to release any outdated desires that are keeping you from the next level of growth.

01:40 - Why it’s okay to release outdated desires once you’ve reached a certain level.

03:00 - How buying (and selling) a Bronco helped Rachel see how powerful she is.

04:00 - Lessons that desires teach

05:10 - Why there are no “right” desires

06:02 - After 6 days of digital detox and meditation, Rachel finds clarity.

07:15 - Rachels attends a meditation retreat run by Kyle Cease at Asilomar

08:25 - Day 1: “Surrender expectations.”

09:20 - Coronavirus gives us the opportunity to prioritize.

11:36 - The mistaken belief that we’ll be back at square one if we release a desire or expectation.

12:26 - “What are you avoiding feeling?”

13:20 - Rachel shares her experience of the day her brother died and how her need for control grabbed hold of her.

15:40 - A part of Rachel gets deeply healed.

17:02 - Lesson from day 2: Keeping commitments to ourselves.

18:04 - When we don’t keep our promises to ourselves, we stop trusting ourselves.

19:11 - “Releasing the illusion of control.”

20:46 - Lessons from 40 hours of silence - heightened senses, appreciating a friend’s essence, talking & thinking to avoid feeling.

23:14 - Growing up as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors

25:15 - What you say you want for your children is actually what you want for yourself.

27:57 - The peak of the feeling that we’re afraid to feel lasts no more than 90 seconds.