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Mar 26, 2020

Today Rachel is introducing her mentor Gina Devee, queen mentor, founder of the Divine Living Academy, and author of “The Audacity to Be Queen.” She’s answering the question: When things get tough, whether it’s the coronavirus, divorce, or a death, how can we handle it like a queen?

Connect with Gina in all of these places:

02:18 - How do you become unapologetic about going for life on your terms?

03:08 - Mindset work for coronavirus

04:14 - “Women have the ability to respond to life rather than react to life.”

05:29 - There’s no gray area: choose love or choose fear.

06:31 - Launching a book during a global pandemic.

08:29 - A tool for dealing with disappointment and challenging times.

10:36 - Choosing to take a look at all of the opportunities around us.

13:29 - Rachel chooses to step up as a leader and make tough decisions

14:14 - Being highly intentional vs. giving in to fear

17:02 - Most women consider themselves spiritual...until confronted with tough life moments.

18:23 - How to get other people in your life to back up your needs in a queenly way

20:30 - “A miracle is always available.”

22:06 - Queens don’t operate on auto-pilot.

26:43 - Functioning out of fear only makes challenging situations worse.

32:03 - Masculine and feminine energies during crisis

37:37 - How the feminine helps you to be more in the present moment.