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Apr 9, 2020

Stuck in quarantine, Rachel reflects on her chorus of internal voices: the skeptical former attorney, the magical manifesting life coach, and the cynical comedian that sees the humor in everything. 

02:00 - Rachel introduces her 3 internal characters

03:38 - Naming and identifying the different parts of us

06:48 - The life coach part of Rachel is annoyed at the insistence that we use this time productively

09:06 - Making the most of this time in the way that calls to you

09:47 - Combining the comedian and life coach

10:53 - Rachel looks back on signing up for the Kyle Cease meditation retreat

12:10 - Rachel signs up for 1:1 coaching with Kyle Cease, but needs a minute to process.

16:05 - A strong no from Rachel’s intuition.

22:46 - Rachel manifests spending her quarantine with Kyle Cease, her ideal mentor.