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Apr 16, 2020

In this week’s episode, Rachel is pulling back the borders of the podcast. Her guest is Kyle Cease, a transformational comedian and someone that Rachel has dreamed of having on the podcast. Today you’ll get to hear not just their conversation, but how it happened, when Kyle makes an invitation to Rachel during a coaching session. 

07:27 - Kyle invites Rachel to start recording a podcast while he is watching.

10:03 - Kyle explains 5D

10:48 - “Life is an exact reflection of myself.”

12:39 - How sitting in silence can make things happen

13:57 - Letting go of something to invite something else in

14:51 - Is synchronicity bullshit?

18:05 - Rachel talks about manifesting from a place of ego

21:46 - Getting stuck in the same story every day

22:44 - Quarantine = Groundhog Day

24:08 - How intellectual people disconnect themselves from Source.

26:44 - “There’s a voice in you that’s scared you’re going to get hurt.”

31:25 - “Doubt all you want and then doubt the doubter.”

35:35 - Looking at life from Source’s point-of-view

42:14 - When the ego gets in the way of manifesting