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Oct 27, 2022

The Glow Up and the Big Reveal!  I know this usually comes at the end of the season, but I’m not big on waiting.

This is my Cinderella story (if Cinderella was a divorced 46-year-old mom of two)!  In May 2020, I sat at my heaviest weight ever and I wrote in the notes app on my phone: “magic I want to call in - amazing hair cut, amazing hair, miraculous weight loss and glow and energy.”

Fast forward to now…check check check check!! There was a glow-up. (Links to manifest your own glow up below.) Listen to how it all panned out ending with the rom-com meet-up, I’d always dreamed of.

You’ll also hear all about how my epic dating bucket/scavenger hunt list was created. In this episode, we are crossing off…the glow up…duh.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if you have any questions or any takeaways, if you have any stories to share or if you’re making your own bucket list (or have idea for mine)! 

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Links (including some affiliate links):
How I manifested Miraculous Weight Loss and Energy:

How I Manifested Glowing Skin and Amazing Hair: