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May 3, 2020

Wendy Yalom is Rachel’s guest this week. Wendy is not only an amazing photographer, but an amazing person. In this episode, Rachel and Wendy chat about the beauty of being seen, whether it’s being seen by yourself, your photographer, or your friend. Wendy also shares thoughts about rituals, self-care, and loving yourself. 

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02:15 - Rachel talks about Wendy’s gift of connection in her photography

03:19 - The difference between genuinely seeing someone versus making them look good in a photo

04:31 - Rachel shares that the photo from her podcast artwork was taken by Wendy

05:44 - How having your photo taken by a 3-year-old can demolish your self confidence

07:05 - Even Cindy Crawford has bad angles

09:04 - How photography has helped Wendy learn to be present

10:31 - Wendy shares the transformation she saw one woman go through during a photoshoot

13:54 - Rachel talks about Wendy’s “Selfie-Assured” workshop

18:45 - Wendy talks about how she ended up working with coaches

23:03 - A “Mistress-mind” with spiritual entrepreneurs was hugely influential for Wendy

25:00 - The power of ritual in Wendy’s life

29:21 - Creating rituals doesn’t have to be complicated

31:05 - Wendy talks about her visits to the Amalfi Coast.

34:12 - Why you shouldn’t wait for retirement to travel

38:28 - Wendy’s dreams for her future